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Turning Bio Links into Landing Pages


We offer a landing pages editor / URL shortener combo that attachs retargeting pixels

Create landing pages for your social media bio links

✔️ Beautiful landing pages literally in minutes
✔️ Instagram, Tiktok, Clubhouse and Twitter bio links

Attach retargeting pixels to your landing pages

✔️ Tag people visiting your landing pages
✔️ Generate more leads. Reach them with more ads

Connect your audiences to all of your content in one page

✔️ Attach multiple links to your bio link
✔️ One-stop site with all of your social media account links


For our needs, Pixela is great and does just what we need. Superb customer service. I am really impressed!

Jesus Formetin

Amazon Seller

5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews


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Up to 150,000 clicks
90-day data retention

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Up to 20,000 clicks
90-day data retention

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Up to 5,000 clicks
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